Quit Smoking in One Session of Hypnotherapy

YES. ONE SESSION because we are the specialist! We do it safe, quick and efficiently.

With our professional and well-trained methods, you will not feel that stop smoking is depriving you of something, because we help you deal with psychological and habitual addiction of smoking. Why?

Because nicotine is not an addictive substance like heroin, which create true systematic and biologically-based withdrawal symptoms in the body.

You can’t seem to stop smoking because the habit is established through long-term repetitive smoking gestures as well as the triggers of cues and situation, i.e. drinking, waiting, emotional distress, that become associated with smoking.

Enough being in controlled by those little nasties! Call us 016 – 222 5435 to make an appointment and we shall help you break the unhealthy habit right away!


We have so much confidence in our methods that we are able to offer one year’s FREE BACKUP SUPPORT. This means that if you were to start smoking again within a year of your first appointment, all that you do is to give us a call and we will get you back in at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

pbadminQuit Smoking in One Session of Hypnotherapy

Where do you go for MIND CARE?

You go for manicure or pedicure for nail care. You go to a hairdresser for hair care. You go to a dentist for dental care. Where do you go for mind care?

Most of the time, you have tried various ways to solve problem and yet they haven’t been helpful. The solutions seem to be outside your usual experience, it’s something inside your mind but you can’t seem to do anything about it.

We are here to help you! Our professional hypnotherapist will work collaboratively with you to:

  • Manage stress
  • Overcome negative emotions, eg: sadness, depression, anxiety, guilt
  • Remove fears or phobias
  • Break habits, eg: nail biting, hair pulling
  • Overcome insomnia
  • Relieve pain, headache, migraine, constipation and skin problems
  • Quit smoking
  • Enhance motivation to exercise and lose weight
  • Boost confidence and self-esteem
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Enhance goal achievement

Hypnosis assists individuals to release subconscious blocks in order to help one to grow and adapt more successfully to the demand of life and to make use of one’s full potential. When you’re hypnotized, you’re NOT SLEEPING. You will feel very relaxed as if a heavy burden has lifted off your shoulders. It is completely SAFE because you will be AWARE of everything that is happening around you while in hypnosis.

Call us 016 – 222 5435 now to make an appointment. We encourage you to call and speak to us directly so that you can understand more about hypnotherapy. This even allows you to become more familiar with the services offered. It is our pleasure to answer your questions.

pbadminWhere do you go for MIND CARE?

Lose Weight Made Easy with Hypnotherapy

Have you tried different trendy diet programmes or “miracle” pills with NO lasting results on your body weight? Does your body weight fluctuate like the stock market? Have you been discouraged to lose weight because of previous failure?

No pills, no diet programmes. With hypnotherapy, we attempt to help you identify and REMOVE the root causes of behavior related to your weight problem which most trendy diets don’t even touch on.

The cause of a tendency to overeat may not always be plain to see, over times it may be suppressed, buried in some past events. For some individuals, overeating may have become a compensation or relief from pressures, stress, anxieties, lacks in life or other emotions. Therefore, we dig down deep, get rid of the root to make REAL and LASTING behavioural changes.

What’s the end result? Feeling fantastic about yourself because of the boosted self-image and self-esteem! Call us 016 – 222 5435 or contact us to make an appointment and we shall help you to achieve your ideal weight!

Note: If excess weight is due to physiological causes, i.e. thyroid problems, we suggest you consult your medical practitioner first.

pbadminLose Weight Made Easy with Hypnotherapy